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Nature does not hurry - yet everything is accomplished Lao Tzu

After decades of teaching – I am still learning this lesson!

There are lots of websites and books that will try to teach you to garden. My approach is to ‘get you started’ and help you to get over those first few barriers  of uncertainty.
I can help you to begin your learning journey in a new garden of discovery. As you take new steps towards the joy of learning to grow and eat your own fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs and even edible flowers! You can also throw away (compost) all those excuses you’ve been using.
“Oh, I only have to look at it and it dies…..”  “My grandad was a great gardener but I haven’t got a clue…….”  “I wouldn’t know where to start……..”
Let’s get started…take those first steps!! Whether it is for yourself, your family, group or school - I can teach you how to ‘grow your own food’. I can guide and encourage you to create a productive food garden in your home or school and teach you to ‘grow your own education’ by gaining the inspiration you need from the nature that surrounds you!
NATURE DOES NOT HURRY If a journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step, then your journey to producing your very own fresh food is just a small step away. Call or E-mail now.